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The principal role of the Site Lead is to provide overall site supervision. Site Leads play an essential role in creating an environment within the Village where everyone can feel safe, respected, and connected, so that people who live, work, or serve can always feel at home.

E1V has a strong and growing presence in the margins of the community. As such many people need love, support and help in many areas of their lives, i.e. physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. This includes not only the people we serve, but also the people serving alongside us. Like every member of the staff team, the Site Lead should engage people in a respectful and authentic way that helps to build connection and trust.

This is a position in a quickly growing village, so the Site Lead must be adaptable to changing circumstances and realities, and be willing to embrace new responsibilities as needed.

  • Full Time / Salaried
  • Benefits

    One week paid leave. Paid Sick-time. One week paid renewal.

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Associate Builder

The principal role of the Associate Builder is to help and support the Lead Builder.

The Associate Builder plays an essential role in ensuring build projects are successfully completed in a safe and timely manner. The Associate Builder will also work with the Lead Builder to ensure infrastructure and site maintenance are done consistently and thoroughly. As a part of the building team, the Associate

Builder will help to ensure a suitable and safe environment within the Village where everyone who lives, works, or serves can always feel at home.

  • On-site
  • Part Time / Hourly
  • Benefits

    Generous PTO package.

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