Villager Testimony

Since being at Everyone Village, they have helped me get out of a rut and to keep accomplishing things to make my life better. I love my new family here and feel very cared for by the other villagers.
I continuously enjoy my stay and love my cottage.
I am grateful that I don’t have to live day-by-day anymore, I can now plan things. I am stable and starting to accomplish my goals.
I love this place, it’s cool and comfortable. A nice place to reset and find your niche, what you want to do.
Everyone Village has provided me with help getting a job, as well as introduced me to great friends and people I can trust. It is a place of serenity and calmness. People have seen good changes in me.
The Village is a stable environment encouraging respect of self and others with many assets going forward into the community as an active member!
This place gives me peace of mind and new opportunities. Since being here, I have made new friends and have good relationships. I feel calm and am able to think better with the clear mind I have when I am here.
People are really accepting here, and in my life that has been hard to find.

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