Frequently Asked Questions

Why are so many people in Eugene experiencing homelessness?

Reasons vary, but the main reason people become homeless is that they cannot find housing they can afford. Other common contributing factors include chronic health conditions, domestic violence, and loss of family.

What structures will people be living in for private shelter?

We anticipate a combination of RV, tent, Conestoga hut, pallet shelter, microshelter units and other minimal dwelling styles.

Dwelling types image from the session “Unpacking The Village: New Research Toward Better Alternative Shelter,” Housing Oregon conference, October 2021 featuring  Todd Ferry Senior Research Associate and Faculty Fellow, Center for Public Interest Design, Portland State University, Dr. Marisa Zapata Associate Professor of Land-Use Planning and Director of Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, Portland State University, and  Dr. Greg Townley Associate Professor of Community Psychology, Portland State University and Co-founder, Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, Portland State University

Where will the site be located?

Everyone Village is located in the West Eugene Community Organization neighborhood, adjacent to Mattie Reynolds Park off Bailey Hill Road. The park honors one of Eugene’s founding Black families and champions for civil rights, Sam and Mattie Reynolds. The Reynolds family were among other Black families evicted to the West 11th Avenue area in 1949 so that Ferry Street Bridge could be built. We are engaged with City of Eugene staff to reinstate the neighborhood association as well as the Eugene Business Alliance to support the surrounding community.

Everyone Village is located in #18 on this map of City of Eugene Neighborhoods..
City of Eugene Parks Map
Mattie Reynolds is #2 on the Parks Map
, West Eugene Community Organization Neighborhood Amenities Map, 2011 Analysis

Will unsanctioned camping be allowed near the Safe Sleep – Parking site?

The City of Eugene works to mitigate unsanctioned camping near all its sanctioned sites. City departments will prioritize camping response and enforcement to the area adjacent to Everyone Village and provide support from EPD Community Engagement Specialists

Where is the funding coming from to pay for staffing and services for the site?

The City of Eugene received $3,250,000 in one-time state funding to provide safe sleep shelters managed by social service providers for people experiencing homelessness to legally park their vehicles, stay in microshelter, or sleep in tents and $250,000 for temporary camping site development including sanitation and hygiene services and 24/7 on-site support.

Everyone Village is one among several other nonprofits that have risen up to meet the extreme need for safe and supportive community sheltering programs who have requested funding support through the state funds. Currently, 55% of the project costs over the next 18-months are expected to come from this funding source. Additional revenue is expected through workforce development programming, retail and agricultural sales, and private donations.

What support will be available to people sheltering at this location?

Providers White Bird Clinic NEST, Ideal Options, Adult and Teen Challenge, HIV Alliance, and CAFA will offer wellness support services, housing navigation, and benefits assistance. Maple Micro development is supporting economic development. Oregon Beverage Recyclers are providing part-time employment opportunities. Additional partnerships are in the works and we welcome ideas and proposals for partnerships, please contact us to get involved.

Why was this site chosen?

This site was identified at the request of Everyone Village and the property owner. The site meets several criteria for Safe Sleep sites, including its large size that can accommodate several people while minimizing impacts to adjoining properties. It also is relatively close to public transportation. The City of Eugene is continuing work to identify other spaces for Safe Sleep sites across the community.

When will this Safe Sleep site open and how long will it operate?

The site will operate for at least 18 months under the Safe Sleep site program at which time the City will evaluate whether the site should continue. Everyone Church signed a 5-year contract to lease the 3.55-acre location and adjacent 3,000 square foot warehouse that will serve as the community center and shop space. Ph.D. and graduate-level students in the UO Landscape Architecture program are working with architect Bill Randall to further develop the site.

What are the rules for residents?

How can someone apply?

People interested in our community should apply online now to be added to the Wait List. Applicants will be notified when spaces are available.

Who do I contact if I have a concern or question?

For questions of the site operators or for more information about participating in the project, please contact us. If you have more general questions about Safe Sleep sites, please contact Kelly McIver, Communications Manager, Unhoused Response at the City of Eugene, City Manager’s Office at 541-682-5049 or Learn more about the City of Eugene’s work to end homelessness at