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Frequently Asked Questions

Potential Villagers

Everyone Village is currently only accepting
partner organization referrals for availability.

To be in good standing within the Everyone Village community, Villagers must observe basic site safety and health rules, contribute a fair-share of help in day-to-day chores and be actively working and planning towards a healthier self-standing season of life after the Village. If a Villager is doing these things they can stay as long as needed.

Yes, Everyone Village has rules. Everyone Village rules and their enforcement are focused on promoting participant safety, prevention of conflict, maintaining organizational consistency and fairness and improving the shelter environment for providers, staff, and village clients. Village program staff must receive complete training on the villager rights and responsibilities and Intervention Action Plan before they are authorized to issue warnings, notices of village rule violations or involuntary discharge notices. For a complete list of Everyone Village Rules, click here.

Yes, villagers are free to come and go as they choose. There are no curfews or hours of the day where a villager needs to be on or off site.

No. Everyone Village does not discriminate on race, sex, gender, social, political, or religious orientation.

We have both ADA and standard showers, toilet/sink
rooms and laundry facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Partners

Everyone Village believes that healthy relationships are the foundation to a successful life. Therefore, Everyone Village invites the greater community to form relationships with the village. Furthermore, we will work with interested parties in figuring out the best way to get involved in the Everyone Village story, determined by the interested parties’ unique skills, experiences, and resources.

Connect with us on our contact page. We will reach out for a tour, orientation, and brainstorming session.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • You can donate here directly.
  • You can mail your donation to: Everyone Village, PO Box 5217, Eugene OR 97405
  • You can bring your donation to the Village in-person. The Village is at 3825 Janisse St., Eugene OR 97402. The Village is open M-F 9-4pm.

Every dollar given to support the Village goes directly to supporting an actual person living at the Village. Your support ensures that the Village runs at full capacity providing the resources and support necessary for the Villager to put the pieces of their life back together, regain flourishing, get on their own two feet and begin giving back to the community.

  • With each dollar you support E1V you are ensuring our ability to grow the Village and bring more folks off of the streets and into a season where they regain stability and stand on their own two feet again.
  • Everyone Village plays an instrumental role in our community’s larger response to the homeless crisis and your donation ensures that our efforts to improve the health and flourishing of our entire community continue strongly.

Are you Seeking a village?

Everyone Village can help you.