Everyone needs a safe place to belong. Everyone needs community to achieve lasting stability.

Who We Are

Everyone Village will be a safe, sheltered community providing residents with 24/7 staffing and an effective mutual benefit model for the surrounding community.

Everyone Village is committed to building a community that will be an asset to the neighborhood. With strong community partnerships, we have developed a plan to improve the property and increase its curb appeal.  

As part of a replicable, hub and spoke-based model, Everyone Village will provide shelter, empower healing, bolster food security, create jobs, and add to community resiliency.

Pastor Gabe

A place where everyone can flourish

The site will be fenced to control access, and vehicles will be adequately spaced and parked in designated spots according to an architect-designed site plan. Common spaces will have restrooms, clean water, electricity, and a wastewater disposal area will be connected to the sewer. 

Phase One Housing Types

The Eugene “safe parking” ordinance created options for individuals to legally park their vehicles or sleep in tents in communities managed by social service providers. We are working in planned phases to develop an inclusive village model inspired by Community First Village in Austin with small neighborhood pods of microshelters and refurbished RVs produced by partner Carry it Forward and donated by carpenters and community members working with us to provide private warm, safe dry shelter and a wrap around community of supporters. #ev1hope #ittakesavillage

Benefits to Community

Everyone Village is committed to building a community that will be an asset to the neighborhood. 

  • Individuals: Villagers will receive support to increase individual stability (income, housing, health, social) and hands-on work experience in preparation for community employment, targeted job training, or vocational and educational programs. Members who graduate from the program will have opportunities to keep their minimal dwelling and move to a spoke site or donate it back to the Village for reuse.
  • Neighbors: Integral to the village model are community benefit projects that add to a sense of place, improved security, and community resiliency supports. During Phase One, the site will be improved with wood fencing, a custom wooden arch entrance, and regionally built structures by the local arts community to provide meaningful aesthetics. Phase Two will bring expanded access to fresh local food through a farm project and to revenue opportunities through an innovative recycling program.

Eligibility and Screening Criteria

Residents selected for placement within the village will be offered support towards achieving their goals and participate in programs to empower healing and add to the surrounding community’s resiliency.

Violent or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, and overnight visitors will not be allowed. Smoking will only be allowed in a designated smoking area on the site. Residents will be expected to follow rules for preparing and storing food, fire safety, heating, storage, waste management, and illness prevention.

Villagers will be required to sign agreements to comply with the rules and procedures of the site. They will have access to sanitation and hygiene support. As part of their agreement with the City, they will be expected to keep their sites tidy, refrain from disruptive behavior, and be good neighbors.

Phased Approach

During Phase One (December 2021 through April 2022), 30-40 units will be available to qualified adults 21 or older who are experiencing homelessness and living in their vehicles. Individuals currently unlawfully parked on City right-of-way in West Eugene will be prioritized for available spaces. 5 resident opportunities will be available for members wishing to remain indefinitely as site stewards.

During Phase Two (May 2022-December 2022), an additional 20 opportunities will be added for individuals on the waitlist. 5 additional resident opportunities will be available for members wishing to remain indefinitely as site stewards.

During Phase Three (2023), Everyone Village will consider up to an additional 40 units depending on feasibility and changes to land use criteria currently in place.


Community partners and leaders came together to view a new upcoming Eugene shelter site! #tiktokforgood #charitywork #541 #shelter #homeless #home

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