Rights and Responsibilities

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All people living at Everyone Village agree to the following rights and responsibilities as a condition of continued participation at Everyone Village. 

To create a community where everyone can flourish, I will uphold these rights:

  • Villagers have the right to be granted privacy and property protections.
  • Villagers have the right to feel safe in their community without fear or harassment.
  • Villagers have the right to participate in the governance of the community.

To maintain a kind, caring and supportive community, I will commit to these responsibilities:

  • I will not engage in the use, possession, sale, manufacture, distribution, or dispensation of illegal drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substances while on the Everyone Village premises.
  • I will support community health, including wearing a mask in all indoor areas and obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination and booster shot or, if exempt, wearing an N95 mask in all common areas.
  • I will honor other villagers by respecting quiet hours between 10pm and 8am daily. 
  • I will participate in community meetings, recognizing my knowledge and experience will contribute to the community’s ability to cooperatively manage itself.
  • I will support positive relationships in my community by refraining from engaging in any disruptive behavior, fighting, stealing, hate speech, bullying, harassing or discriminatory behavior.  
  • I will openly and honestly communicate my needs (physically / mentally / emotionally / relationally / spiritually) and work cooperatively with Village community partners, volunteers and staff.
  • I will maintain community cleanliness by keeping my belongings inside my dwelling, recycling/throwing away waste, and encouraging other villagers to do the same. 
  • I will not store food unless it is packaged in an air-sealed container and will promptly clean or dispose of containers, wrappers, utensils, etc. when finished in dedicated trash receptacles.
  • If I smoke or vape, I will only do so in designated areas and use the outdoor ashtray.
  • I will not interfere with or otherwise disrupt businesses or residents in the area of the Village or engage in vandalism, panhandling, or other behavior that impacts the safety and/or livability of the neighborhood.
  • I will not keep any weapons, including knives with a blade longer than 3 7⁄8 inches, on the property.
  • I will honor the guest policy including the visitation hours and privacy expectations.
  • If I have pets, I will agree to these rules – no exceptions:
  • no dogs are allowed on site that are classified by the City of Eugene as potentially dangerous,
  • dogs are required to be on a leash which is in the hands of a person (not tethered) at all times,
  • pets are not left in unsafe conditions in any vehicle or sleeping unit on-site,
  • pets are licensed, spayed or neutered and vaccinated within 30-days of arrival,
  • no new pets can be acquired during your residency and no more than two are allowed for any dwelling type.