The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hobos (More Lessons From E!V)

I hope you don’t mind the title. I tend to not care about terminological sensitivity. I don’t mind hobo, bum, tramp, homeless as quick terms to label my fellow street veterans.I guess it is in style to call us ‘unhoused’ these days as if getting the terminology right is somehow helping. I also tend toContinue reading “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hobos (More Lessons From E!V)”

When is a Kitchen Not a Kitchen?

In the last post, I touched on the idea, not one of my own by the way, that the skills that help you survive on the street are not the same skills that will allow you to reintegrate with polite society, such as it is, or even here at Everyone Village, our own take onContinue reading “When is a Kitchen Not a Kitchen?”

The Pets of Everyone Village Round 2

Back at it again with the pet pictures!! In this second installment of pet photos, we meet some new faces of our furry friends at Everyone Village! Susanna’s dog Little Girl has been a big hit with both staff and residents. Little Girl has a ton of personality and is a huge goofball (the pictureContinue reading “The Pets of Everyone Village Round 2”

The Omen: Whiteaker Edition

Before we get into specific lessons, I wanted to talk about an omen I experienced before I moved into E1V. I am not totally superstitious about these things, like I don’t think everything I hear or see is a secret message to me or anything like that, and part of me finds these little guidepostsContinue reading “The Omen: Whiteaker Edition”

Every Pet Village

(Not everyone appreciates the privilege of having their picture taken. Looking at you, Soup.) We get so used to seeing animals around here that it is easy to forget that one of the distinctive things about E1V is how pet friendly we are. We have around 50 human beings here, and at very least 18Continue reading “Every Pet Village”

The Lessons of Everyone Village (Part One)

One of the great things for me about living here in E1V is how different it has been from every place I have ever lived before, and with this newness, came the slow dawning realization that many of the life strategies I had been using up to now were no longer useful. Habits that wereContinue reading “The Lessons of Everyone Village (Part One)”

The University of Janisse Street

To think of a homeless community, it is normal to think of shelter, food, medical and mental health services, and possibly avenues to finding work or beating substance addictions. While some people do get access to work training, receiving instruction and certification in Peer Support as well as getting food handlers cards or commercial drivingContinue reading “The University of Janisse Street”

You Mean I Haven’t Been Kicked Out Yet?

These blog posts are so funny. It always turns out the same way, you know, like I start off writing one thing: I have an idea what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it. Then suddenly the whole thing takes a U-turn and then a left turn, and finishes off with aContinue reading “You Mean I Haven’t Been Kicked Out Yet?”