Cottages of Hope Press Release by One Hope Network

(Everyone Village is about to be a part of a community effort that will be perhaps our largest and most exciting project yet. We will publish our own update very soon because the first cottages are being built right here at the village. For now, check out this press release by one of our partners,Continue reading “Cottages of Hope Press Release by One Hope Network”

Update: The Most Beautiful Word in the World

Exciting things are happening at the village right now, and have been for quite a while, and we have a lot of help from a lot of people, help from partners and tradespeople alike, and in many cases, they are doing all the work, or at least all the hard work, and we are sittingContinue reading “Update: The Most Beautiful Word in the World”

Environmental Resilience and Community Oriented Design at Everyone Village

University of Oregon faculty and students from Landscape for Humanity and the Design for Climate Action course partnered with Everyone Village to create environmental resilience and community oriented design. Students collaborated with Villagers to prioritize projects, crowd source supplies and expertise, and to learn how to implement construction projects outside of the classroom. The projectsContinue reading “Environmental Resilience and Community Oriented Design at Everyone Village”

How Help Happens

One of the things that make us lucky here at the village, which we abbreviate as E1V, is all the help we get from benefactors, donors, and volunteers. Whenever someone has a need, it seems like help arrives from multiple sources and problems get solved. Problem Solving. If you like problem-solving, this is a funContinue reading “How Help Happens”

Landscape 4 Humanity

We are thankful for our Landscape 4 Humanity (L4H Lab) partners at the University of Oregon. The student teams are learning how to effectively implement design research and education on the ground through supporting our priority landscape management needs. Villager and student engagement is central to the entire implementation process. Current Projects Dog Park/Run: WeContinue reading “Landscape 4 Humanity”

Drone Photos of Phase One

Thanks to Meadowhawk Drones, we have our first images of our growing community to share with you. Over the past few weeks, we have moved 30 individuals into the village in a combination of RVs, microshelters, pallet shelters, and Conestoga huts. Next week, we will be working with the student team from Landscape for HumanityContinue reading “Drone Photos of Phase One”

Help Us Build Community Space

For #GivingTuesday, Everyone Village is raising funds to help renovate our new warehouse at 3825 Janisse Street into the Welcome Center and gateway to our community. One half of the facility will be dedicated to the shop space we will use to build microshelters and support our workforce development programs. The other half will beContinue reading “Help Us Build Community Space”