The Things They Couldn’t Carry (Part 2)

In the last post, I started out with too much information about all the ad hoc feuds I have had over the years with drivers when I was trying to cross the street and they were either having fun at my expense or using me as a stand in for all their frustrations with life.Continue reading “The Things They Couldn’t Carry (Part 2)”

Update: Partnered With Beauty

One of our great blessings here at the village, as we have said before, is all the wonderful community partners we have. One of our partners is CAFA (Christians as Family Advocates who not only serve the community mental health services for anyone who needs them, but also have a service called: The CreativeContinue reading “Update: Partnered With Beauty”

The Things They Couldn’t Carry (Part 1)

A lot of people resent the homeless, I get that. Yell things like “Get a job” or speed up their pickup trucks when you are crossing the street so they can slam on the brakes and roll their eyes at you being in the way. They probably think that an annoying homeless person just madeContinue reading “The Things They Couldn’t Carry (Part 1)”

Hut Beautiful

2022-05-25 Older folks will remember this, so for our younger readers, let us just say that there used to be a magazine that you would see in waiting rooms of various offices, or on coffee tables of your friends’ parents called “House Beautiful,” and it was an interior design magazine that featured many fancy interiorsContinue reading “Hut Beautiful”

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hobos (More Lessons From E!V)

I hope you don’t mind the title. I tend to not care about terminological sensitivity. I don’t mind hobo, bum, tramp, homeless as quick terms to label my fellow street veterans.I guess it is in style to call us ‘unhoused’ these days as if getting the terminology right is somehow helping. I also tend toContinue reading “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hobos (More Lessons From E!V)”

The Gratitude Wall

The gratitude wall idea was created out of a village meeting a few weeks ago. Villagers expressed what the village has meant to them. Many villagers have made poems, pictures, paintings, and clay creations symbolizing their gratitude for their experience at the village. Some have added objects that are important to them as well. ThisContinue reading “The Gratitude Wall”

Events & Activities

We had a wonderful time at the village this last Saturday with Stephanie Jackson from Creative Connections CAFA and her daughter Hope. The villagers were able to participate in creating mosaic table tops. Once a month Stephanie will be coming to continue the project to work on with the villagers. When the tables are finishedContinue reading “Events & Activities”