Background Check

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Villagers are required to have a background check prior to moving in. A conviction on a background check does not mean an automatic denial of service. In general, the following factors will be considered for applicants with criminal history:

  • The time passed since the conviction – convictions less than 5 years old will have more scrutiny and per Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines, convictions older than 10 years will have less.
  • The nature of the conviction and its relevancy to residency.

We work closely with individuals who have a criminal record but can make no guarantees of approval. The intention of our policy is to minimize the risk of any disparate impact to individuals while also reducing the risk to existing residents, property, and neighborhood. 

A person who has clearly demonstrated a pattern (3 or more instances) of continuing conduct/acts which will interfere with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the life at the village by others may be required to provide references or other documentation to meet eligibility guidelines.