Cottages of Hope Press Release by One Hope Network

(Everyone Village is about to be a part of a community effort that will be perhaps our largest and most exciting project yet. We will publish our own update very soon because the first cottages are being built right here at the village. For now, check out this press release by one of our partners,Continue reading “Cottages of Hope Press Release by One Hope Network”

Update: The Most Beautiful Word in the World

Exciting things are happening at the village right now, and have been for quite a while, and we have a lot of help from a lot of people, help from partners and tradespeople alike, and in many cases, they are doing all the work, or at least all the hard work, and we are sittingContinue reading “Update: The Most Beautiful Word in the World”

Update: Partnered With Beauty

One of our great blessings here at the village, as we have said before, is all the wonderful community partners we have. One of our partners is CAFA (Christians as Family Advocates who not only serve the community mental health services for anyone who needs them, but also have a service called: The CreativeContinue reading “Update: Partnered With Beauty”

The Pets of Everyone Village Round 2

Back at it again with the pet pictures!! In this second installment of pet photos, we meet some new faces of our furry friends at Everyone Village! Susanna’s dog Little Girl has been a big hit with both staff and residents. Little Girl has a ton of personality and is a huge goofball (the pictureContinue reading “The Pets of Everyone Village Round 2”

Environmental Resilience and Community Oriented Design at Everyone Village

University of Oregon faculty and students from Landscape for Humanity and the Design for Climate Action course partnered with Everyone Village to create environmental resilience and community oriented design. Students collaborated with Villagers to prioritize projects, crowd source supplies and expertise, and to learn how to implement construction projects outside of the classroom. The projectsContinue reading “Environmental Resilience and Community Oriented Design at Everyone Village”