Partner Profiles: Our Miss Rosie

One of the fun things about E1V is all the great community members we get to meet and hang out with.  There are so many folks who have helped us make a home where we can look to opportunities in the future. One of the people who has been around pretty much from the beginningContinue reading “Partner Profiles: Our Miss Rosie”

Every Pet Village

(Not everyone appreciates the privilege of having their picture taken. Looking at you, Soup.) We get so used to seeing animals around here that it is easy to forget that one of the distinctive things about E1V is how pet friendly we are. We have around 50 human beings here, and at very least 18Continue reading “Every Pet Village”

The University of Janisse Street

To think of a homeless community, it is normal to think of shelter, food, medical and mental health services, and possibly avenues to finding work or beating substance addictions. While some people do get access to work training, receiving instruction and certification in Peer Support as well as getting food handlers cards or commercial drivingContinue reading “The University of Janisse Street”

An Advocate for the Unhoused of Eugene

Note: We are a pretty humble little village, and that starts at the top. Neither Gabe nor Heather have the time or inclination to blow their own horns. Luckily for the rest of us here at the village, a journalism student at the University of Oregon named Maxwell Ely has graciously given us permission toContinue reading “An Advocate for the Unhoused of Eugene”

How Help Happens

One of the things that make us lucky here at the village, which we abbreviate as E1V, is all the help we get from benefactors, donors, and volunteers. Whenever someone has a need, it seems like help arrives from multiple sources and problems get solved. Problem Solving. If you like problem-solving, this is a funContinue reading “How Help Happens”