Community With a Capital “C”

One of the things we try to do at the village, and this philosophy has been fundamental to the “Everyone” philosophy from the start, is to create good relationships with our neighbors by serving them.

That way they will actually be happy to have us as neighbors and not just tolerate our proximity. This goes all the way back to when Pastor Gabe let unhoused folks sleep on his porches at night and organized neighborhood beautification projects during the day.

We have been extremely busy just trying to get this village off the ground, and much of our energy has gone to the village itself. Still, we have tried to be of value to our neighbors by doing some cleanup around the neighborhood.

This particularly applied when the city would come through and ask that street campers, and people camped on private property, would move on to another location. There was much debris left behind on the streets and out in the fields.

We always helped clean up and on a couple occasions the village even rented dumpsters and filled them fairly quickly with all the stuff left behind.

So recently, we were particularly honored to be invited to participate in a neighborhood cleanup that has become something of a tradition on Bailey Hill Road. You see, we are not that far from Churchill High School, and it has been the custom of the school’s neighbors before school starts to volunteer to spend a day beautifying the landscaping around campus before the students return.

When we were contacted by Willamette Christian Center, one of our supporters, and asked to join them in the cleanup, we were only too happy to put together a crew and join in. It turns out that the yearly cleanup had been neglected for a couple of years due to lockdowns various, and the campus was in need of a lot of attention.

It was a lot of hard work and served to remind anyone over 40 how out of shape they are, but at the end of it we were tired and happy to be able to give something back to the community. Thanks to all villagers who participated.

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