The Pets of Everyone Village Round 2

Back at it again with the pet pictures!!

In this second installment of pet photos, we meet some new faces of our furry friends at Everyone Village! Susanna’s dog Little Girl has been a big hit with both staff and residents. Little Girl has a ton of personality and is a huge goofball (the picture above was one of the few that we could catch her sitting still). Susanna assures us that Little Girl will make us go viral, so let’s make that happen!

Pets are the mainstay at Everyone Village. Most villagers have them and all villagers know and take care of them. Pets are residents at Everyone Village just as much as their human counterparts are. Just another thing that makes Everyone Village unique.

One of the reasons we are so pet friendly is to fill a need. Many other shelters and communities don’t allow animals, and homeless folk love their pets as much as everyone else, so we made the fur people part of our mission from the start. If you want to help villagers with providing for their pets and fulfill other needs, consider donating to Everyone Village.

Your donations are always greatly appreciated and help us achieve our goal of creating communities of belonging where everyone can flourish.

Some bloopers of overly excited and friendly pets:

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