The Gratitude Wall

The gratitude wall idea was created out of a village meeting a few weeks ago. Villagers expressed what the village has meant to them. Many villagers have made poems, pictures, paintings, and clay creations symbolizing their gratitude for their experience at the village.

Prepping the Wall

Some have added objects that are important to them as well. This creative piece is hanging for all villagers to participate in and for new villagers to be inspired and encouraged by in hopes that they too will create their own form of gratitude to be added.

Mounting Gratitude Wall in Common Area

Such a blessing to be a part of!

Final Inspection

One thought on “The Gratitude Wall

  1. I spy with my little eye, my dear Gina’s influence in this village. Beauty begets beauty. So grateful for the internet and being able to get glimpses into this amazing world that you all are creating together.

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