New Year’s Eve Delivery

New Year’s Eve had a special meaning at Everyone Village this year. At noon that day, the City of Eugene stopped by and helped us to set up nine pallet shelters for our community – just in time for a night of temperatures in their 20s.

The pallet shelters were delivered to provide new homes for people who had previously been sheltering in place in tents or vehicles. Bent Spoke Outreach helped to share the good news with individuals on our waiting list.

A villager moving to a pallet shelter from a microshelter unit shared some thoughts on these tiny houses.

On New Year’s Day, we received a call from Grace Smith at KEZI who stopped by to do a follow up story on our progress. She spoke with Gabe, Heather and Toni, a new arrival to the community. The sun came out after the cold winter weather and even without the beautiful smile on Toni’s face, it would be impossible to miss the feeling of hope and joy for a remarkable 2022 together. #ev1hope

Screen Shot of KEZI's Grace Smith article
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