City Council Work Session Scheduled to Approve Everyone Village

On Wednesday, September 29, the City Council will receive a progress update on Unhoused Response actions related to the establishment of Safe Sleep sites to address the growing number of unhoused community members and related community-wide impacts. Everyone Village is one of two sites being proposed to provide safe, sanctioned locations for people who are unsheltered to be and stabilize.

Efforts to increase people’s connections to services will be important components of these sites. In addition to tracking utilization of the different sites, lengths of stay,
and exit destinations, with supportive services staff expect to be able to measure progress site residents make in their goals toward greater self-sufficiency in categories such as income, housing, health, and community connections

From Agenda Item Summary: Work Session: Unhoused Response Update, September 29, 2021 Agenda Item Number: 2

The meeting will be livestreamed.

A. Approve sites proposed by staff.
B. Direct staff to return with additional information regarding proposed sites.
C. Take no action.

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